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16th July, 2014 — MMF
The Music Managers Forum shares the concerns expressed by Sony/ATV as to the complexity of licensing systems in the USA and worldwide.  Part of the problem is indeed the constraints in the USA on licensing negotiations imposed by the outdated Consent Decrees that govern ASCAP and BMI and prevent them securing a fair market rate for their members.  That the US Department of Justice is currently reviewing
8th July, 2014 — MMF
"In the wake of the Apple-­Beats deal, some of the most interesting comments highlight limitations in the current music streaming business model, and point to future possibilities as a result of this acquisition. This post discusses how the model can be strengthened by a shift from a ‘pro rata’ to a ‘user-­centric distribution’ of income—which the Clouds & Concerts research project
8th July, 2014 — MMF
This programme has been developed and refined over time to ensure that all attendees become better equipped to take advantage of the new business opportunities that are central to the development of our industry. Individuals from all sectors of the music industry who are involved or interested in any aspect of artist management will benefit from the Programme’s varied and comprehensive content.
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