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Great IMMF response to the leaked Sony/Spotify contract:
12th May, 2015 — MMF
We have been investigating the performance royalty situation with BUMA in The Netherlands for live gigs for 18 months. The situation is that since 1999 the published tariff is 7% of box office receipts (net of VAT). However since that time BUMA has rebated up to 25% of the license fee back to promoters and venues , dependent on their receipts to BUMA in the year of the show (calculated at the end
6th May, 2015 — MMF
Pacifico commented: “We hoped the European Commission would go further in their blueprint. The Making Available Right which was meant to reward creators in the digital age has failed as most artists simply do not have the negotiating power to get a good deal from the players who dominate the music landscape. We urgently need action to give performers an unassignable Right that guarantees transparent