Letter From America #3

05 December 2018

Letter from America #3 from MMF US consultant Jonny Dawson.

Hello managers!

As promised here is a round-up from our NYC panel on Content Strategy. As I discussed in the previous letter, its arguably the single biggest strategic consideration for Artist campaigns (outside of the music!) and I hope it is useful – as always, feel free to get in touch with any US related questions.


Panel Speakers
Nick Susi Artist Manager, Strategist (Moderator)
Oliver Diamond Director – Matte Projects, Matte Music
Bella Jay Thomas Lead Influencer Strategist
Emily Williams Senior Director, Project Management and Digital Marketing at Downtown Records

What is Content Strategy in 2018?

  • It’s a matter of looking at things holistically – 360 ideas telling a story.
  • It needs to relate to the audience effectively. Does it speak to the artist message, and/or the audience?
  • Diversify your content streams, high–medium -low. For eg – HIGH  – Music Videos, MEDIUM Targeted Social Opportunities / Brand Partnership opportunities etc – LOW Selfies, Memes etc. All of these tied together must tell a consistent story. Spread your budget across these three realms.
  • Needs to be directed from the Artist as an original concept – fans can tell. Authenticity is king.
  • Leading culture through your content. Inspiring. When people have a personal connection – that’s what wins.

Memes in music;

  • They can be manufactured effectively, but the best come organically. Has to be a thoughtful way of approaching if manufactured, and be funny in the right way. If they are manufactured, it’s better if the Artist leads. If they come from your audience, look for these influencers in your Artists world and engage with them.


  • Impact over numbers (metrics). Does this person create good content, do people care what they say about your Artist – doesn’t only matter about their following – its about impact and quality of the content they create.

Measuring ROI

  • This is different across every campaign and every Artist. You need to look at budget holistically. If something connects, like a meme – you want it to feed into other content areas, which makes the proposition from fluid. Creating connected content enables a discovery at a deeper level once a ‘fan’ engages.
  • Don’t front-load your spend – spread it out over entire campaigns.


  • There are brands that test partnerships on the smaller projects, if it reacts and then becomes a great way to prove audience alignment and builds bigger opportunities. Show them love on products, it can pay off. Don’t overlook the small things.


  • Collaborate with the right people – build a world of content with the right people. Finding friends that are directors / photographers.  Rap crews – they are often best in class at this as they can bring everyone with them. If you vibe with someone, let them know. Strength in collectives. Brands are interested in engaging in these worlds.

Best In Class – 2018;
Young Thug – Wyclef Video. Felt very genuine, YT’s vision – they played with it. Authentic because there are pieces of the Artist that you can see it in.
Tierra Whack – Whack World – Really clever – visual album, shows how eccentric she is, and how far her vision goes. Really flowed, even though it’s abstract.
Ama Lou – DDD  – Theatrical, telling a story through a movie format.
Drake – Gods Plan – Really smart approach, Its DIY and feels very Artist authentic.
Childish Gamibo – This Is America – Effective (in part) because of his consistent collaboration with the same creatives.

If members would like to be put in touch with Jonny, please email with details of your US query and she will do an intro.

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