27 October 2020

MMF Associate Amuse, giving free music distribution and empowering tools to artists across the globe, is today announcing an expansion of its data driven royalty advance service. Fast Forward lets eligible self- releasing artists advance themselves future royalties, without having to deal with labels or finance institutes. The service builds upon the Amuse mission to offer artist-friendly tools that allow artists to build their career while keeping 100% of their master rights.

Following this spring’s launch of Amuse Pro, Fast Forward is now fully integrated with the service’s Royalty Split feature. This means artist collaborators like producers, managers and other creators will now effortlessly be able to advance themselves future earnings.

“We’re proud to introduce an even smoother version of Fast Forward, available to even more creatives. Even though they’re the backbone of a release, collaborators like producers are often the last to get paid due to how the industry is structured. We’re excited for how our Royalty Splits and Fast Forward cater to these users, making payouts and advances transparent and hassle-free”, says Diego Farias, CEO & Co-founder of Amuse.
With no need for human interaction or application forms, Fast Forward uses machine learning and Amuse’s vast access to users’ streaming data to automatically calculate future royalties for eligible artists. The feature is built into the “Wallet” section of Amuse’s apps and lets eligible users easily browse and withdraw their advance against a small individual fee, based on the structure of the offer. Offers are updated daily as new streaming data comes in, and will now range from as low as $50 up to $300,000.

“Artists often have to wait for months to receive royalty payments from streaming services and music stores. Creating new ways for artists and their teams to get quicker access to earnings has been a priority for Amuse, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic”, says Erik Ljungqvist, Director of Product at Amuse.

Fast Forward is now available to eligible Amuse users. Visit to read more.

Changing the game since 2017, the music company Amuse gives free music distribution and empowering tools to artists and their teams across the globe. By using music consumption data Amuse finds, licenses and builds cutting-edge services for tomorrow’s platinum-selling independent talent. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Amuse was founded by music industry executives with a collective vision to redefine artist discovery and label deals.

About Fast Forward

• Since its original launch in February 2019, hundreds of artists have used Fast Forward taking royalty advances ranging from $250 to $300,000.
• Users include Amuse artists of all sizes, including American rapper Phora, Irish indie duo Blue Americans, and UK R&B artist Greg Wanders.
• Thanks to the company’s direct access to the music consumption data generated through its distribution service, Amuse’s system can automatically analyze more than 65 billion data points to determine future royalties on an individual basis.
• Each offer is individually calculated based on streaming data and includes a small fee for Amuse making the funds available.
• Advances are only ever paid back with future royalties, meaning there’s no risk for the users.
• Fast Forward offers a completely new way for musicians and their teams to tap into their future
royalties and invest that money back into their careers, sooner rather than later.

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