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19th February, 2015 — MMF
Jonny Dawson shares more details of our MMF get together for UK managers at this year's SXSW. Watch now.
16th February, 2015 — MMF
Jim Beach has been involved with the career of loved, lauded and legendary rock band Queen since January 1975 when he was the partner heading up London law firm Harbottle and Lewis’ fledgling music practice. He gave up the law and started managing them in 1978. Jim has never sought the limelight preferring to guide the bands career quietly but incredibly effectively from the backroom. Band management
4th February, 2015 — MMF
Last year 900 composers, musicians and songwriters in the UK replied to a survey on their earnings run by UK Music. This was an over 300 percentage increase on the response rate achieved in the previous year, creating a fantastic resource for understanding the economic position of UK composers, musicians and songwriters. In particular, these responses were a key input to Measuring Music, UK Music